Have you noticed that Barcelona is A City of Dragons? While walking through its streets you will find ornamental dragons in many buildings and public places. Keep an eye open to spot all the dragons that live in the city!

Catalonia have a strange relationship with Dragons, they even have a festivity where Fire Beasts (usually represented as Dragons), spit fire. Everyone would go underneath the fire and dance. Dangerous, right?


Dragons have been present in the city churches since medieval times. Sant Jordi (St. George) is the saint patron of Barcelona. An old legend says that after Sant Jordi beat a dragon that had been ravaging Cappadocia, a rose was born from its blood. Now, men give women a rose and women give books to men every 23rd of April to celebrate the day.

Famous dragons

There are over 500 dragons estimated in the city. Gaudí was a fan of dragons and he created two very special ones: the colorful Trencadís of Park Güell, and the wild one at Finca Güell iron door, both full of great mythological symbolism. Casa Batllo’s roof also represents the back of a dragon.

Hunt your dragon

Search on ceilings, ledges, balconies, door handles, lintels, arches, or lamps. One tip: most of them are in L’Eixample and Gótic neighbourhoods. You could share your favorite picture of a Barcelonian dragon on our facebook page.

A City of Dragons