Casa de Les Punxes is a modernist house built in Barcelona, by Josep Puig I Cadafalch. It’s also considered a National Historic Monument of Interest in 1976. The emblematic building represents the authentic Catalan Modernism and it’s an alternative attraction to visit in Barcelona.

The Dramatized Guide

This visit started when Puig I Cadafalch welcomed us to the house he built. He told us that the first thing we had to do was to “inaugurate” the house. And so we did.

Modernism in Barcelona

He then started to explain how he designed the house for the bourgeois family and which materials, shapes and elements he used. I learned that this house was quite rebellious. It was the only house on the street that wasn’t straight, even though there were laws against building a non-straight house. After the explanation, we continued the visit and went to the first floor.

Guided Tour in Casa Les Punxes

The dramatic story behind the bourgeois family that lived in Casa de Les Punxes was very unique, making the visit very interesting. Apparently, there were three sisters (Rosa, Angels and Josepa) who were each symbolically portrayed on facades within the house. There was also representations of the Catalan Legend “Sant Jordi”. Our peculiar guide stood up on a chair to welcome us to some micro theater performances in the next room.

Modernism in Barcelona

Theater Performances in Casa de les Punxes

The theater performances were quite interesting and the actors were really good. The first one recreated a scene from the past that really illustrated the importance of poems. While the second recreated a typical first date with technology being the main issue. These two different, but somewhat related scenes helped me realize the importance of technology and tradition. When the two micro theater performances ended, we followed Puig i Cadafalch to the next floor.

Champagne and nibbles

Theater in Casa Punxes

We had some delicious and authentic “tortilla de patatas” and a glass of cava (champagne). After that, I decided to make my way upstairs, towards the terrace. It was quite dark so I wasn’t able to see the lovely pointed rooftop properly, but I could take this one for you guys.

Alternative things to do in Barcelona

Even if Casa de Les Punxes is not one of the main attractions in Barcelona, it’s definitely a nice place to visit before leaving the city. They usually organize many events on the terrace and have guided tours. Get your tickets here!

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