What is the 48h Open House?

The 48h Open House Association celebrates the architecture festival in Barcelona every October to promote culture. Some buildings and emblematic private houses will open their doors for free on the 27th and 28th of October. More than 200 buildings that are usually closed to the public or have an entrance fee, will be then open. The main objective is for society to understand and value the architecture that surrounds them as well as learning from it.

International Open House

The Open House project starts in London in 1992 and since then, 31 other cities replicate the same event. The main objective is to create and offer new architectonic experiences. Therefore, Barcelona is part of the international network, being London its founder.

Open House Barcelona

The different types of buildings are classified into categories; Open Green, Open Infrastructure and Open Social. There’s also many organized activities, lectures and competitions throughout the month. The buildings are in the city and other nearby towns such as Badalona, Santa Coloma de Gramanet,  Sant Joan Despí, Hospitalet de Llobregat and Vilassar de Dalt. If you’re interested in visiting some of the buildings, check them out on the official website (unfortunately, it’s only in Spanish and Catalan).

Even if this weekend was one of the Rainy Days in Barcelona, we’ve still managed to visit some of the buildings so, here is a glimpse of the 48h Open House Barcelona!

Barcelona Buildings

Triumph’s Arch Rooftop 

The Triumph Arch is not only a big structure in the middle of Passeig Sant Joan. It was the entrance to the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888. Moreover, it’s also one of the best viewpoints in the city. However, it’s so unique that access to the rooftop is closed during the year, except on the 48h Open House. A small lift takes you up to the terrace for you to enjoy the views. Perfect for those looking to take a shot of Barcelona from a different perspective. Access is open on Saturday from 10:30h to 19:00h and Sunday from 10:30h to 18:00h.

Open House Barcelona

Public Library Arús

The library is founded in 1895 by Rossend Arús and it was built by Bonaventura. Although many other artists and craftsmen participated in its construction. The architect’s main objective when building the library was to introduce culture to the town. Provide education to both women and men was his main objective. Here lies one of the real Liberty Statues, situated right at the entrance. The library specializes in the masonic culture, predominating on the social and cultural history from the XIX century. It’s also one of the best masonry documentation centers in Spain. The library will definitely take you back in time from the moment you step your foot inside!

Open House World Wide

Barcelona’s Town Hall

The Town Hall of Barcelona, also called Old Building or the House of the City is located right in the Gothic Quarter. It was built in the XIV century by Pere Llobet. The neoclassical facade hides the Gothic elements that you can find inside the building like the lobby and the stairs. The corridor is full of sculptures made by Catalan artists like Miró himself. The most popular rooms are the Saló de Cent and the Saló de Cróniques which hosts recognized pieces of art.

Open House in Barcelona

Make the most of this weekend to discover amazing architecture and don’t forget your umbrella!