Hi all! How do you carry the heat? These days it is impossible not to take a dip (under the security measures of course) or cool off with a drink in a bar, right? Well, today, we will explain a refreshing plan for days like today, and also a different experience. Have you ever imagined what penguins feel inside an igloo? Well now in Barcelona, ​​you can have something very fresh at the Ice Bar Experience.

Experience the world’s first beach ice bar, an experimental and avant-garde environment at 5 degrees below zero. At least twice a year the theme of the room, the lighting and the sculptures are updated. An intimate ice room decorated with sculptures totally hand-carved by renowned international sculptors, where you can have a drink in temperatures that Barcelona is not used to.

Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona

Also… Ice Bar Barcelona

But the best thing about this place is that if you don’t want to be at those refreshing temperatures, there is also a terrace where you can enjoy the heat of this summer in Barcelona, ​​as if it you be in an oasis, you will have an incredible experience.

Enjoy this experience or another ones in Barcelona AND TAKE CARE of all the prevention measures 🙂

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