Hi all! What heat right? We are eager for everything to return to normal so that we can live the city as always, but we still have plans for you. Do you know that two great parties arrive in August? The Fiestas de Sants and the Fiestas de Gracia!

The firsts one are Fiestas de Gracia, and between both neighborhoods there is usually a rivalry to see which are the best. We will not tell you which ones are the best, but if you listen the locals you will find out what they think about.

The Fiestas de Sants and the Fiestas de Gracia

Surely, this year both parties are very different from what they usually are, because what stands out most of these festivals is the decoration of the streets of their neighborhoods and the popular and cultural festivals of each neighborhood, and normally everything is full of people but obviously, this year it will not be like this.

The most fun for us? Get lost in the streets of these beautiful neighborhoods and see the originality, creativity and versatility with which they decorate those streets, can you find all kinds of themes, and do you know the best? They usually use recyclable material to create the sets. The new situation carries to do small symbolic decorates, to approximate for a bit what usually is.

In addition to all this, the competition (not this year…) is held for the best streets, with different themes. Well, from what we know today, the parties continue to stand, of course, you never know 100%. But even so, August 15 (Fiestas de Gracia) and August 24 (Fiestas de Sants) are two days to mark on your calendar, in case we are lucky that everything is carried out under security measures and prevention. Hopefully yes!

We leave you here a set of post from past years so you can see the dynamics of two of the best neighborhood parties that Barcelona has.

Posts of The Fiestas de Sants and the Fiestas de Gracia

Thanks for reading us as always and enjoy this August!

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