If your’e ever in Barcelona you simply cannot miss out on this museum. Hidden in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the Picasso Museum is one of the most legendary houses of art. If you truly want to grasp who Picasso was as an artist, you must come here. With over 3,000 pieces of art, the museum has managed to chronologically organize Picasso’s work so that his audience can see how his art has developed over time.

Structure of Museum

This museum is super enchanting and unique. It is right in the middle of the Gothic Quarter so the building tastefully blends in with the medieval ambiance of the barrio. The inside of the museum is just as beautiful as the outside as you can see from the picture below.

Picasso Museum
Inside the Picasso

Picasso’s Early Work

Before going to this museum I had no idea that Picasso’s father was a painter himself. No wonder Picasso had such skills! His father taught him the proper oil-on-canvas painting technique. Most people just think of Picasso as a cubist painter so it was interesting to see how versatile of an artist he really was. As you can see in the portrait below, Picasso’s first paintings were portraits of everyday people he came across.

Picasso’s Drawings

Like I said before, Picasso was very versatile. Not only was he a painter, but he was also the creator of beautiful sketches and drawings.  Some of his drawings were very elaborate while some were mere sketches. Below is an example of a more elaborate sketch.

Picasso Museum

Picasso’s Tribute to Catalunya 

Although he is originally from Málaga, Picasso lived in Barcelona for a few years and quite a bit of his art is inspired by Catalunya’s landscape. In the picture below, you can see that he did a painting of Barceloneta beach in 1896. At the museum, you will see a ton of his Barcelona landscape paintings.

Picasso Museum
Barceloneta Beach 1896
How I got tickets

The Picasso museum is super affordable. One adult ticket is only 12 euros. If you can prove that you are a student in a university, your ticket should be free! Some discounts include the 18-25yrs discount of 7 euros. If you are 65 and older, your ticket should also be 7 euros. I happened to purchase the 30 euro Art Passport which gives me access to six museums (including the Picasso). Read my next post for more info on the Art Passport.

BCN Art Ticket
My art ticket for the museum