If you read our last post on Carnaval in Spain, you probably want more info on the celebration. In this post, we’ll be talking about the activities that go on here in Barcelona.


Barcelona Carnival begins on Fat Thursday (Dijous Gracias). On this day, the feast begins and people are allowed to eat whatever they want. The Barcelona markets celebrate Fat Thursday with many food eating competitions.

In fact, the market celebrations kick off with a famous omelette eating competition! In this competition, the people must choose which vendor’s omelette is the tastiest. At the end of this competition, one lucky vendor gets a prize.

Omelettes aren’t the only thing being eaten on Fat Thursday. Throughout the city, you will find other food celebrations with chocolates and traditional Catalan sausages. Additionally, you’ll find that sardines are a popular food during Carnaval.


Each neighborhood in Barcelona organizes its own parade and festival. Keep an eye out for posters that talk about the different activities and events taking place in each neighborhood. These activities include costume competitions, food tasting, and cooking competitions.


Carnaval isn’t just for the adults! Kids are a big part of the celebration in Barcelona. In schools, classes are given a costume theme for every day of the week. You will see children marching around different neighborhoods, wearing handmade costumes all week long.

Carnival in Barcelona
Costume fun!

Carnival in Barcelona


The sardine burial marks the end of Carnaval in Barcelona. Apparently, sardines represent male genitals……I know, weird. This is because during Lent, your’e suppose to refrain from sex and all things sinful. The burial imitates the suppression of sins that occurred during the celebration.

We hope that this post gave you a little insight on our Carnaval. If you do end up participating, tag us in some of your pictures on Instagram @barcelonaexplorers360!