Barcelona is renowned for its stunning architecture, rich history, and thriving arts scene. Nestled within this artistic hub is the Museum Disseny Hub (DHUB), a trove of creativity and design that delights visitors from around the world. In this blog post, we will take you on a virtual tour through this innovative museum and explore the fascinating exhibits it has to offer. We hope that, after reading this post, you’ll book a date in your calendar to go visit it as soon as possible.


A Fusion of Design Disciplines

The Museum Disseny Hub, commonly known as DHUB, is a unique institution that unites various design disciplines under one roof. Opened in 2014, DHUB seamlessly blends the different disciplines of art into a singular, cohesive experience. This fusion of different design forms sets DHUB apart from traditional museums and creates an inspiring atmosphere for visitors to immerse themselves in the diverse world of design.

The Disseny Hub has earned its reputation as a prominent space dedicated to enhancing the global projection of the creative industries and the dissemination of the city’s heritage and culture. With a clear vision in mind, the Disseny Hub implements various promotion policies covering design, fashion, audio-visual productions, crafts, and architecture, among others. This involves providing support and opportunities for the city’s creative talent and collaborating with training centers, artists, and businesses both locally and internationally. This joint effort is made possible through a partnership between the Economic Promotion Department of the Barcelona Culture Institute and the capable leadership of Mireia Escobar.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to develop a comprehensive program that introduces and showcases these diverse disciplines to the general public through engaging exhibitions and activities accessible to all audiences, much like those organized by the Design Museum. Moreover, it seeks to invigorate and champion the sector by arranging conferences, festivals, and awards in collaboration with Barcelona Activa and other entities housed within the Disseny Hub, including the Barcelona Design Centre (BcD), the Promotion of Arts and Design (FAD), and the El Clot – Josep Benet Library. Through these concerted efforts, the Disseny Hub aspires to foster appreciation for design and creativity while catalyzing growth and recognition within the creative community.

Photo: Digital Impact | Disseny Hub Barcelona

The Building: A Modern Architectural Marvel

DHUB’s architectural brilliance begins from the moment you set eyes on the building. Designed by the prestigious MBM Arquitectes firm, the structure itself is a work of art. Located in the Poblenou neighborhood, the museum’s sleek, contemporary design harmonizes with the surrounding historic architecture, creating a striking contrast that reflects Barcelona’s dynamic spirit.


Discovering Design Stories

Upon entering DHUB, visitors are greeted by a vast collection that spans several centuries of design history. The museum’s permanent collection houses an impressive array of objects, ranging from ancient artifacts to modern-day creations. The exhibits are thoughtfully curated, allowing guests to follow the evolution of design through the ages and gain insights into the cultural, societal, and technological influences that have shaped the field.

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Design for Social Change

One of DHUB’s most compelling aspects is its dedication to exploring the role of design in effecting positive social change. Temporary exhibitions often delve into contemporary challenges, presenting innovative solutions created by designers worldwide. From sustainable product designs to projects aimed at improving urban living, these displays inspire visitors to consider the impact design can have on society and the planet.

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Fashion, Function, and Form

Fashion enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by DHUB’s impressive fashion collection, which highlights iconic pieces from renowned designers alongside lesser-known talents. The exhibits beautifully showcase the interplay between fashion, function, and form, illustrating how clothing has evolved beyond just an aesthetic expression to an embodiment of cultural narratives and individual identity.

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Interactive Workshops and Events

DHUB doesn’t merely stop at showcasing design wonders; it actively engages visitors through interactive workshops and events. These hands-on activities provide a unique opportunity for participants to experience the design process firsthand, fostering creativity and encouraging innovative thinking. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or a curious individual, these workshops offer a chance to learn and grow in an inspiring environment.

Photo: Creem un llibre d’artista des de l’inici | Disseny Hub Barcelona

Design Shop and Café

No museum visit is complete without a stop at the Design Shop and Café. The shop is a treasure trove of design-focused merchandise, offering unique souvenirs, books, and design objects that reflect DHUB’s creative essence. Meanwhile, the café provides a delightful space to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and discuss the exhibits with fellow enthusiasts.

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A Creative Haven for All

One of DHUB’s greatest strengths is its inclusivity. The museum strives to make design accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, providing guided tours, educational programs, and family-friendly activities. Its commitment to fostering creativity and design appreciation in the younger generation ensures that the legacy of design innovation continues to thrive in Barcelona and beyond.

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In conclusion, the Museum Disseny Hub in Barcelona is a beacon of creativity and design excellence. Its all-encompassing approach to design, from historical artifacts to contemporary solutions, makes it a must-visit destination for art lovers, design enthusiasts, and anyone seeking inspiration. Through its captivating exhibits, interactive workshops, and commitment to social change, DHUB proves that design is not just about aesthetics; it is a powerful force that shapes our world and touches every aspect of our lives. So, if you find yourself in Barcelona, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this remarkable institution and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of design.

How to get there

Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38, 08018 Barcelona